PSRN Health Camp

The “Health Camp” is an annual event organized by PSRN-SC, IOM. This year, it was conducted in Myagde Rural Municipality in Tanahun district. The organizing committee for the camp had been working from about one month before the camp. We were funded financially from Real Medicine Foundation Nepal. Our medical supports were from various pharmaceuticals viz. Deurali Janata Pharmaceuticals, Magnus Pharmaceuticals, Lomus Pharmaceuticals and Asian Pharmaceuticals.

The departure of the team took place on 5th of Ashoj, 2075 in the college bus of MMC. 31 volunteeers participated in the health camp. The site of Camp was reached a night before and inspected. Hotel stay was managed by the MBBS first year students who happen to be on their Community Health Diagnosis visit in the same place.

The Health Camp was organized in Shree Hiramadi Primary School starting from 8am in the morning on the next day (6th of Ashoj). A medical team of 9 doctors, 2 Nursing Students and 20 medical students checked around 251 patients.

We gratefully acknowledge the contribution by Mr. Ganesh Shrestha, Real Medicine Foundation Nepal. We are also very grateful to Dr. Raju Bhandari, Dr. Kamal Dhungana and Dr. Sandesh Pandit for their constant support for our health camp.

Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Continued..

With the huge success of National Intermedical College MenstruaL Hygiene Week, PSRN SC IOM decided to continue it campaign in the month of Ashoj. We invited Dr. Garima Shrestha, who has been very successful in her campaign of “Menstrual Hygiene”. She trained members of PSRN SC IOM on how to make “Reuseable Sanitary Pads“. Volunteer girls scouts showed their high high enthusiasm. We were gland from the support of Mt. Glory School.

PSRN “Predict and Win Contest” ⚽

With world cup football reaching its crest in the month of June, PSRN SC IOM announced predict and win daily contest , where one could win daily recharge card worth Rs.100 by making the correct prediction of the final score of the match on the very day.

The rules were:

1. Prediction must be done in comment section before the game starts.
2. Edited comments are not valid
3. One person is allowed to comment only once
4. In case two or more correct prediction winner will be selected by lucky draw.
5. You must like the post and tag two friends along the comment.

The month long program was fun and successful.

World Blood Donor Day 2018

Be there for someone else. Give blood. Share life.

The Blood Donation Program on “World Blood Donor Day” (14 June) was successfully conducted by PSRN-SC IOM in collaboration with NMLSS (Nepal Medical Laboratory Students Society”. The tents for the program were setup within the TUTH premises. It was a pleasing moment to see our volunteers taking precious time off their schedule to make the program successful. We would like to thank all the donors for their help.