“The Wing Concept”

With the need and demand of our regular activities, the EB itself wasn’t enough for the smooth running of all programs conducted under the banner of PSRN-SC, IOM. Thus, the new EB 2018/19 has introduced the “WING SYSTEM” to make the activities of the organization smooth.

#1 “IT WING” or “Information and Technology Wing” deals with all aspects of IT facilities of PSRN-SC, IOM. This wing will be responsible to provide all the IT related assistance in the upcoming projects of all other wings. Awareness through the social medias (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) will all come under this wing. The wing shall be responsible to publish “Monthly Magazine” of the organizational activities.

#2 “PUBLIC HEALTH WING” deals with work related to public health by volunteer organization, material preparation and resource mobilization. A list of regular activities and plan to action related to the events will be made. This wing will be responsible to launch new ideas to raise awareness to the general public.

#3 “TRAINING, EDUCATION AND RESEARCH WING” deals with conducting various upskilling programs for the medical students like first aid training, disaster preparedness, academic counselling, etc. and conduct research activities.

#4 “HUMAN RIGHTS AND PEACE WING” deals with our work as per the motto of IPPNW “Peace through health” ,conducting programs against human trafficking, war, violence, sexual assaults, etc.

#5 “MEC WING” or “Monitoring, Evaluation and Communication Wing” which is directly responsible for all the activities related to our partnership projects like field visit, monitoring project, evaluation of project etc. (as we are in the middle of our pilot project, previous MEC will continue to serve till the end of the project and after that we will form new MEC committee for our next project).

The formed wings will be fully responsible to the EB. A Wing Head Officer (WHO) will be appointed from each of the wings who will represent all the wing members in the EB meeting.