National Inter-medical College : Menstrual Awareness Week – 2018 (May 24-30)

“MENSTRUATION”, a big taboo subject among all the Nepalese people has come into highlight in the recent days due to increase in number of female activists as well as realization of the problems and complications that a girl should face during this time. Unfortunately, still the use of archaic, unhygienic and possibly dangerous menstrual hygiene management methods is a normal practice among both educated as well as uneducated ones. These prevailing conditions coupled with the lack of information on menstruation among possibly every community stakeholder renders most Nepalese women and girls vulnerable to various reproductive health morbidity.

Recently, Government of Nepal had declared to celebrate the Menstruation Hygiene Awareness Day (28 May) at the national level. So, we all being medical students shouldn’t leave a stone unturned to support the government in this matter by taking initiatives among ourselves for the promotion of the same. Hence, PSRN-SC wants to create a platform where each and every one of us from different medical colleges, different faculties and different corner of the country come together to spread awareness about the menstrual hygiene among the general public. For this, we want to announce “INTERMEDICAL COLLEGE AWARENESS CAMPAIGN”